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Lauren’s Senior Shoot

This week, I photographed my final senior portrait shoot for the Class of 2013. We had a great time capturing the lovely Lauren. This young lady is headed to Arizona State University in the fall. She was self-admittedly nervous, but I’m not sure why. The images came out great. I don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time, and we got some great shots of that joyful spirit. Lauren had taken some digital photography courses in school, so it was great talking about cameras and editing and hearing her take on the whole process. It’s always refreshing when a client understands everything that goes into producing a single image. But I have to say I was distracted because I wanted to know more about her job (which was once my dream job). She works in an ice cream parlor!!!!! Scary to think what size I would have worn if my dream had come true and I scooped ice cream all through high school :)
Lauren Sr Shoot Blog Post